Review: Taking What’s His by Alexa Riley

Title: Taking What’s His
Author: Alexa Riley
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone book 4 in Forced Submission series
POV: First Person Dual
4.5 Golden Cocks


Sly was an eighteen wheeler trucker living his life mostly driving across the country. Being on the road was a lonely life and he wanted to have a pet to accompany him. He found a perfect catch at a truck stop in the dead of the night.

Cameron was alone where she should never be. Her innocence was a beacon to Sly’s attention. Lost and scared, she followed him when he offered her a ride. She never thought it would be the wildest ride of her life.

I love this one! Definitely one of my favorite in the Forced Submission series I’ve read do far.

“Be a good little pet and come for me. Watch my cock ride in and out of you while I make you mine.”

From the beginning, the story just went ahead full steam. There’s no cock teasing, just straight to fucking – exactly how I want my smutty shorties to be 😀

“Your cunt gets so tight when I talk to you like that. You love it, don’t you? You love being called my personal cum slut, I can feel it.”

The sex was hot and plenty. And for such a short book, it made me very happy lol! The ending was cute in the signature Alexa Riley way but still left plenty to the imagination.

This review is also available on Goodreads.

★ Read as part of #ShhIndieSTARchat October ★



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