Review: Low by Mary Elizabeth

Title: Low
Author: Mary Elizabeth
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone Book 1 from Low series
POV: First Person – Dual

Lowen (Low) Seely grew up from the wrong side of the track. Hardship of life pushed him into committing a crime that landed him into incarceration. Now a free man, he vowed to change his life and make it worth for the one who waited for him.

Poesy (Poe) Ashby came from middle income neighborhood. But she can’t help but fell in love with the lowly grass cutter from the other side of town. She waited for Low and sacrificed a lot so they could get a fresh start. However, life new life was a lot harder than either of them anticipated.

I have always been more attracted to stories of hardships than the glitzy high life because it usually force you muddle the line between what’s right and what’s best.

I tried to live the right way, but with a record like mine, I’m fated to live a life of crime and poverty.

Despite what he did, I think Low was an admirable character. Desperation forced people to be out of character. He did whatever he could for a reason.

Unlucky to have fallen in love with a criminal, Poesy’s nothing more than a side effect of my bad choices.

I love how loyal Poe was. She didn’t use Low’s situation as an excuse. Instead she went above and beyond to make sure they would make it.

The writing was poetic yet precise, unlike some lyrical writing that could be tiring. The story was nothing groundbreaking and there’s really only one direction it could go, yet it didn’t detract my attention and I was rooting for the characters from the beginning.

“We did this together, and anything we do together is right, Low.”

I think this book is actually quite romantic – in a non traditional way of course. Their love and loyalty to each others were boundless.

Low is a gripping story of a couple’s desperation that forced good people to do bad things. Their journey of pain and pleasure will keep you entertain to the end.

THAT gun scene. Mmm…. :p


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