Review: Gus by Kim Holden

Title: Gus
Author: Kim Holden
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Book 2 of 2 from Bright Side series
POV: First Person – Dual

Gustov (Gus) Hawthorne took the loss of his best friend hard. He lost one thing that tethered him to the ground. Without it, he quickly spiraled down to self-destruction. As lead singer and guitarist of the now popular band Rook, he was supposed to be their leader, but his detachment forced the record label to have someone keep close eyes on the band.

Scout MacKenzie was necessary addition to Rook camp. As their PA, her job was to make sure everything went smooth. Other than that, she kept her distance and avoid unnecessary contact. But her kindness to Gus didn’t go unnoticed and he was determined to break her shell while mending his own heart.

I absolutely love Gus in Bright Side. He was the best thing about that book and the reason why I kept putting this off for so long. I was afraid the possibility of not loving it.

And when he sings, I’m drowning. Drowning in the depths of the emotion pouring out of him.

Gus was epic in Bright Side. I could feel his heart and his passion on that one. Unfortunately I felt a lot less in his own book. I love seeing his struggles but it wasn’t as intense as I wanted it to be. I wanted to see him goes from the depth of hell and soar up like a Phoenix. He did that, I just needed it to be on max level lol!

Scout or Impatient as Gus called her was a good match to Gus. Her reserved personality complemented his outgoing one. I like how they pushed each other to rise above their own issues.

Bright Side helped make me the man I am, and Scout helped me remember who that man was, helping me become my own person.

This book is more of friendship than love story. The romance was slow burn which I don’t mind but there were parts where the plot progressed was too slow pace for my liking. Also, it’s inevitable that Kate overshadowed Scout.

“I showed you a different side of me tonight. It’s your turn.”

Gus is a story of a man rediscovering himself and his passion for music and life after losing his heart. The slow burn romance would remind readers you could always come back after a fall.

Note 1:
When a book ends a certain way, I always prefer it to stay that way, because it is hard to find a sequel that is worthy of the original. But that’s just me because I have a specific need when it comes to my reading lol! With that said, I don’t regret reading this one and I will always love Bright Side Gus 😀

Note 2:
They communicate using sticky notes, thus the sticky notes in my teasers lol!


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