Review: Kaise by Jade Belfry

Title: Dirty Doms Box Set
Type: Anthology
Story Title: Kaise
Kink Type: Fire Play
Author: Jade Belfry
POV: Third Person

Kaise Chaudry was not happy with her life. After a bad day of losing a court case she was passionate about, and her assistant resigning, she felt alone and lost. Before leaving, her assistant  handed her an unassuming white business card with just a number on it, telling her it could change her life. A single phone call could bring her back to a past she unsuccessfully tried to deny.

The flames warmed her skin. The slight pain was also arousing and she found that she started to move towards him following the movement of the wands.

This was my first fire play story and I was looking forward to discover it. It turned out to be a lot milder than I expected.

“I’ve learned that fire can destroy but it can heal too. I’ve learned how to control it, and I want to share it with you, my Queen.”

The story was slow burn with Kasie reminiscing and contemplating her past. She was traumatized by the end of her past relationship and wanted to move on, yet the lure of her repressed inner needs was calling her out to risk heartbreak by pulling her back to her true nature.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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