Review: Scarlet by Aria Cole


Title: Scarlet
Author: Aria Cole
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Novella
POV: First Person – Dual


Beau Loup was a loner. As a landscaper, he focused his attention on his job instead of his social life. He worked and live on the property of a rich old lady who doted on him. His life was simple until her granddaughter came along.

Scarlet Fair was staying with her grandmother for the summer. Determined to spend time with her ailing gran, she never thought her summer would be an exciting adventure when she caught Beau’s attention.

Even though I haven’t read a lot of them, I do love modern retelling of fairytales. This Little Red Riding Hood retelling was sexy and sweet.

He was so hard to my soft, so rough to my gentle, and every wild piece of him thrilled me to the core

Beau was nice and respectful to other people but when it comes to claiming what he wanted he was alpha all the way. One thing I wish is for him to be more “big bad wolf”, more rogue-ish because he’s a little too sweet for me lol!

She was a shy little thing who made me want to play and protect, the red blush and that innocent look in her eyes were sexy as hell.

Even though she’s young and innocent, I like how Scarlet was not shy/afraid to explore her sexuality. If she wanted something she went for it in her own way.

I curved and arched off the bed, my wrists pulling at my bindings as he ate me.

The story was adorable, but considering this book is not that short, I wanted more depth when it comes to their issue. When it cones to the sex scenes, they were definitely hot

Scarlet is a short, sexy and sweet as cherry pie tale of finding love and happiness.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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