ARC Review: Violet by Abby Gale

Title: Violet
Author: Abby Gale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone book 1 of 3 from Club Nymph series
POV: First Person – Female
Expected Publication: July 18, 2016


Angel is missing.
The trail ends at Club Nymph and that is where Dawn begins her search.
With no clues, Dawn does the only thing she can, she leaves Dawn behind and becomes Violet, a pole dancer looking for answers.

In the midst of dark and mischievous world, temptation surrounds Violet and knowing who to trust proves a perilous decision. While her nights are filled with seduction, she must protect herself at every turn.
Amidst danger and hidden agendas, it becomes a race against time.

Will she find the truth without endangering her own life or risking her heart in the process?

Violet is book 1 in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a fierce heroine and not one, but two beyond hot heroes. Graphic, sexual content including ménage. Intended for mature audiences

Pre-order at:

Amazon US |  Amazon UK


ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

For the past year, Dawn Darcia dedicated herself to only one thing – to find her missing sister. Armed with her body, she became Violet, a stripper at the exclusive Club Nymph to find the missing connection in her quest.

What she found was not answer, but more questions to add to the puzzle. And it didn’t helped when she caught the attention of the well known VIP members, the Vincent brothers who could possibly distract her from her mission.

The Vincent brothers were not just brothers, but twins – twice the distraction :p

“Eat my pussy like you’re starving,”

Violet knew what she wanted and she would do anything to get it.

Xander was the serious workaholic. He was darker and moodier, and he did everything with a purpose.

Alex was the cheeky fun loving twin. He never feared in being his true self. Naturally, he’s my preferred twin lol!

Violet is a story of a woman on a personal mission to find the one she lost, and found a new purpose in life while at it. It’s a trilogy, but book 1 can be read as a standalone.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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Abby Gale is an alter ego who likes to write as much as reading. She loves writing erotica with little suspense in it.

Finally, she found the courage she was looking for and decided to publish her book.

Her debut novel VIOLET will be published soon 😉

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