Review: Potty Mouth by J.A. Hildreth

Title: Potty Mouth: A Coloring Book for Adults
Author: J.A. Hildreth
Type: Coloring Book

The last time I did any coloring for fun was when I was a kid. I never thought doing it as an adult could be as much fun!

I won this book from one of the #ShhTopPick (Thanks Liz!) for being the overall top scorer in games/challenges. [insert evil smirk] Since I’m not skilled in actual coloring and I can’t find my colored pencil, I did digital coloring instead.

For Slut I chose to add some jewelry to represent the sluttiness lol! And I used girly, bright pastel colors with shading.

Now if you know me well enough, you’d know Cock Slap is my favorite word of all haha! This was my first attempt to color. Just the basic flat color.

I wanted to have a little more fun with Asshole *cough* so I added texture and embossing. And I went a little crazy with the colors lol! Also, yes, I collect Lego figurines :p But since I don’t have asshole characters, I use heroes instead. Yes, Darth Vader is my hero. And yes, he borrowed Luke’s blue lightsaber because his red one is missing somewhere far far away…. lol!

Overall, this coloring book is a lot of fun to play with. One thing would make it better if the images are explicit – like actual cock drawing and such hahaha!


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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