Review: Swan by Aria Cole

Title: Swan
Author: Aria Cole
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Short Story
POV: First Person – Dual


Chrissy thought herself as an ugly duckling. She hid behind her glasses and quietly fawned over the high school star quarterback, Trent McAvoy thinking he would never notice her. She was disappointed when he disappeared out of town. Six years later, he’s back and ready to claim her.

There was nothing standing between us anymore, and even if something did, Iā€™d move hell and high water to make her mine.

This one was a cute read. The quiet girl who thought no one ever seen her lusting after the popular boy only to find out later that she had been on his mind since the beginning.

ā€œGod yeah,ā€ he groaned as his body tensed beneath me, his hands around my waist, his head cradled between my voluminous breasts as he shot jets of white hot cum into my body.

And to add glitter sprinkles to it, not only she’s a virgin, but he was too! [insert aww sound effect] But rest assured, that doesn’t stay long because they were at each other as soon as they reunited haha!

Swan is an adorable quick read about finding love and recognizing one’s own beauty. It’s perfect for when you want something short and sweet.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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