Review: Look But Don’t Touch by Cara Dee

Title: Look But Donโ€™t Touch
Author: Cara Dee
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Book 1 from Touch novella series
POV: First Person – Male

Nicholas Ford was being pressured by his family and girlfriend to settle down. He wanted that but not in a way everyone had in mind. After leaving behind his true nature a few months earlier, his other side was desperate to come back especially after meeting a perfect Little Girl.

Kayla Brandon was the black sheep of her family. Being different from others made her wary about being what naturally came to her. She wanted to be taken care off and be free of decision making. Luckily, someone was already waiting to take the role.

I haven’t read a lot of DD/lg kink, but this one is definitely my favorite. It was fun and sexy, without being too… weird.

What turns me on the most is a girl’s submission and her vulnerability. I have a need to be in total control: to protect, to possess, to care for. Affection is very important to me, both giving and taking.

Nicholas seemed like a good Daddy. He was caring and stern enough without being too much. I could work with someone like him lol!

“Oh, Daddy.” She looks away, embarrassed, and that giggle comes out as a squeak. “Why are you touching my girly parts?”

Kayla was adorable. The big part of me liking her instead of being annoyed is because she wasn’t some naive innocent girl. She had it in her and expressed it through role playing.

“Umโ€ฆ” I’d say she’s noticed my erection now. “What’s that?” A shiver runs through me. “Unzip and find out. It’s best if you get down on your knees.”

The story was simple and for a short novella it was enough. I just wish for a little bit more of the characters’ background.

I find it slightly disturbing that I’m liking the DD/lg dynamics more and more each day. But rest assured, I’m not hanging up my red riding crop anytime soon. Besides, I can always be the Mummy hahaha!

Note: This book made me giggled like a Little Girl lol! :p

This review is also available on Goodreads.

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