Review: Kick, Push by Jay McLean

Title: Kick, Push
Author: Jay McLean
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Book 1 of Kick Push series
POV: First Person Dual

Joshua Warden had one passion – skateboarding. But at seventeen, his life turned upside down when his girlfriend left him with his baby. Shunned by his own family, he struggled to survive until an angel offered protection and he started thriving again, but not without great sacrifices. Hanging up his board was worth every moment with his son.

Rebecca (Becca) Owens came crashing into their life out of nowhere. Still haunted by her dark past, she slowly wiggled her way into their hearts. But secrets tend to hurt people they cared about and when they’re out, they’ll bleed you dry until they dared to face the past for any possible future.

I came across this book when it first came out but never really paid attention to it because it seems too “young” for my liking. But when my friends (Mer who never cries, and Loyda who cries at uh, everything lol!) kept saying how much feels the book gave, I just can’t help it, so here I am – no regret.

“I just want them to see me—a dad who’ll do anything for his kid. But people are assholes and they’ll choose not to see that.”

Josh broke my heart since the very beginning. I felt his pain and his shattered hope and when you add a little boy Tommy in the mix, it was a recipe for a heartache. What I love the most about him was how in tuned he was with his emotions. He cried when he’s hurt, and he broke things when he’s angry. He was flawed and he acknowledged that.

She’ll know that I’m falling in love with her. And that means she has the power. The power to destroy me.

There was so much questions about Becca for most part of the book. We knew she was badly damaged, and her kooky behavior was somewhat endearing. When her past was uncovered, it hurt a little bit more considering who was involved. I appreciate that her character was very vulnerable and it wasn’t marred by an unnecessary dusting of glitter sprinkles.

I really like the story of how a young single father working towards giving everything he could for his son even if it meant sacrificing his own happiness. It hurt to see how much he had to endure from people around him. And his relationship with Tommy was so precious.

Kick, Push is a story of two individuals bound by heartache, trying to find the peace they deserved. It was sad, but also fun and heartwarming.

Note: The book ends with a slight cliffy.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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