Review: Night Fires by D H Sidebottom

Title: Night Fires
Author: D.H. Sidebottom
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Alice Bird moved to a sleepy small town to make peace with herself. After a horrendous tragedy in her life, she needed to run away and vowed to make true of her promise to those she loved.

Carter Andrews shut himself out upon his wife’s death. Weighted down by grief, he became a different person, rubbing people around him the wrong way. But sometimes, rays of light could appear amidst the darkest storm. It’s only a question of whether they’re willing to weather it or not.

I have seen this book around but never paid much attention to it because it is listed as paranormal on Goodreads – a genre I rarely read. But when I was told it is a potentially emotional read, I willingly took what turned out into a rewarding leap.

He was rude and cold yet I sensed something deeper within him, something that connected with the broken parts of me.

Carter was my favorite kind of hero. The broody and emotionally scarred hero, was abrasive. But I like that he still had the capacity to care and willing to accept changes in his life.

To hurt Carter would finish both of us, because he was all I had now. If I lost his love then I lost what gave me reason to live.

Alice was independent and loyal to what she believed in. She was grieving but she mostly didn’t let that get in her way.

The story was interesting and engaging. It wasn’t as sad as I prefer it to be, but it was still a touching one. I think the story was quite beautiful, but there were a couple of things I wish was elaborated more.

“Dealing with grief doesn’t come with rules. Sometimes the only way to deal with it is to look to the past, to remember.”

I really like the location atmosphere especially the house that added the aura of mystery to the story. The paranormal element was just a fraction of the book. It served mostly as symbolism and moral of the story. This book is through and through, a romance with some element of suspense.

Night Fires is a wonderful story of two broken individuals bound by grief on a journey to find forgiveness and acceptance.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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