Review: Taking What’s Ours by Alexa Riley

Title: Taking What’s Ours
Author: Alexa Riley
Genre: Erotica
Type: Book 2 of Forced Submission series
POV: First Person – Multiple
4.5 Golden Cocks


Hudson and Ridge were prison cellmates. They did everything together including obsessing over the prison doctor Charlotte Fisher. They have waited long enough. It was time to finally take what’s theirs.

Ridge and I always get what we want one way or another, even if we have to take it. There’s nothing that will keep her from us.

Ménage has always been a favorite of mine and this one definitely satisfied my needs. And this book is definitely my favorite of Alexa Riley’s so far.

“What’s wrong, Charlotte? The warden can’t give you what you need? So you had to tease two prisoners to bust in here and rape your pussy to get you off? You dirty cum slut. That’s what gets you off, isn’t it?”

It was rude, crude and extra filthy – not the typical Alexa Riley’s cupcake with glitter sprinkles. There’s an edge to the story and characters. They were harder and darker (by AR’s standard) and I love that. There was also some element of suspense.

But of course, don’t let that scare you. There’s always farting unicorn at the end of the rainbow haha!

This book would have get full 5 Golden Cocks if only the M/F/M letters is jumbled up a bit lol!


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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