Review: Bad Boy Con Man by Sloane Howell

Genre: Erotica
Type: Book 4 from Alpha Bad Boy series
POV: First Person – Male
4 Golden Cocks

Grayson wanted an easy lifestyle where he could work on his own time and decided being a con man was the answer to the sweet life he’s been looking for. He taught himself the skills needed and has been reaping the benefits since then. And his latest job was the greatest yet – one way or another.

She’s a deep thinker and it’s fucking sexy. Not to mention she hasn’t put her clothes on and her tits are gorgeous.

Amelia Davenport was the connection he needed to complete the job. The sexy and smart tech security expert was his gateway to a new comfortable life. But she proved to be a distraction he didn’t need.

One of my favorite elements in this book was actually the geeky part – the Star Wars and the X-Men reference. I was somewhat fangirling on it haha!

My hips speed up, fucking her faster as my thighs smack against her ass. Her wetness coats more of my cock each time I pull from her before driving back inside.

I like both of the characters with their ingenuity in getting what they wanted. Even though I felt their chemistry a little lacking outside the bedroom, when it comes to the sexy times, they were hot.

Bad Boy Con Man is a quick hot read than would especially appeal to comic lovers.

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This review is also available on Goodreads.

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