Review: Explicit by Roxy Sloane

Title: Explicit
Author: Roxy Sloane
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Ellie Parker was a young ambitious editor. She got priceless opportunity when she was given the spot as the editor for the company’s star author, Jackson Ford. Little did she know she got much more than she bargained for.

Jackson Ford was a bestselling, award winning author working on his new book. After years of being on top, he refused to acknowledge that his work was suffering. As Ellie entered his life, he had to learn and adapt to changes whether he’s ready or not.

I wanted to read the author’s work for a long time but never got to it because they were all series. I am happy when she finally released a standalone so a commitment-phobe like me could indulge in.

“Fidelity, loyalty, honesty— these are nonnegotiable with me. I can’t be all in unless the other person is, too. And how can I trust you?”

Jackson’s character was older than what I normally read. That could be one of the reasons why he didn’t appeal to me as much as I hoped – I didn’t feel a connection to him. I like his sulkiness but at some points he was too dramatic.

As I approached the table, Jackson scanned my body from head to toe, lingering at my breasts, my hips, my legs. Then he glanced at my face, his eyes burning into mine, and looked away.
In that moment, I knew he wanted me.

Ellie was quite likable with a good amount of vulnerability. I like how she challenged Jackson professionally and personally. It was also nice to see her friendship with her best friends.

He was so positive. And now he’s. . . the old Jackson again. The bitter one. Running away from home and hiding out in some cabin upstate, refusing to take my calls, burying himself in work to avoid reality.

The story took a while to pick up for me. But once it picked up, it was good. I like the portrayal of an author’s life in this book – his fame and his struggles. However, I think his character needed a little more background story. Also, there were some scenes that where a new development was suggested/in potential, but never addressed again later on, making them seems insignificant.

When it comes to the sex scenes, well… I was completely satisfied haha! There were a lot of them and they were hot, and the characters were never lacking in sexual chemistry. One of my favorite was the phone sex scene.

Explicit is a story of two individual in a working relationship and their struggle to make it work when personal attraction is thrown into the mix. It’s very sexy and made you wonder if real world author’s life is exciting as this one :p


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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