Review: The Anniversary by Crow Gray

Title: The Anniversary: An Erotic Tale
Author: Crow Gray
Genre: Erotica
Type: Short Story
POV: Third Person

4.5 Golden Cocks


A couple celebrating their one year anniversary decided to make it a memorable and pleasurable experience by dabbling in something new and exciting. She sensed his inner Dominance and was ready to explore her submissive side. Armed with a plethora of toys, their anniversary was bound to be an unforgettable experience.

This was more than roleplay, she meant every word she said. She wanted it bad, and she wanted it now.

For a book this short, it was straight to the point yet still well developed. I usually don’t like unnamed characters due to the detachment. But it worked well in this one because it’s short and it added the intrigue and relevance especially when they adapted the D/s persona.

The sex scenes were dirty – in more than one way – in all the best way :p There were varieties of acts to keep it fresh and interesting. My one wish is that they actually use one toy mentioned at the end. But that’s just the sadist in me talking haha! And I absolutely love the ending. It was just perfect.


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