Review: My Gym Desires by O.M. Wills

Title: My Gym Desires
Author: O.M. Wills
Genre: Erotica
Type: Short Stories from ASNAD series
POV: Third Person


The feeling you get when you’re in the gym, surrounded by people you find yourself drawn to and secretly wish you could have right then and there, just the way they are…hot and sweaty.

Don’t you ever wish you could act on your most primal instincts when you feel them?

Welcome to My Gym Desires. Written from a guy’s perspective.

I hope you enjoy.

~O.M. Wills~



Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Have you ever been to the gym and imagined getting hot and heavy with a sexy body near you? Well of course you have, don’t even attempt to lie haha!

This novella is a collection of three completely standalone short stories that revolved around the theme of gym and the characters’ carnal desires.


❖ The Lonely Writer ❖

Christina was a spunky woman who pursued William, an awkward author. There was a lot of talking in this one that kind of lost me. And the sex scene was too brief. It’s a short erotic story, and I just wanted for it to go straight to the fucking lol!


❖ Out Matched ❖

“Papi, I’m twice your age. You think I don’t know, when a little boy is up to no good?”

Olivia, an older woman caught the attention of Kevin, a young virile man. This one was quite interesting to say the least. It had a semi DD/lg vibe with gender reversal.


❖ Assisting The Trainer ❖

“After you’re completely relaxed, then I plan on massaging your body again, but this time… I plan on using mostly my lips,”

After a long day of training clients, Vivian couldn’t resist Marcus’ offer of a heavenly foot massage. What started as that quickly turned into a full body exploration.


I love short dirty stories because when it comes to books, I’m highly promiscuous. I like variety and this book provided a good selection of different characters in different sexy situations.

However, I did have a problem with the dialogue. Some of the conversations were a little hard to follow. Maybe it was just me who are not familiar with the speech style.

My Gym Desires acts as a nice little break in between full length reads. Maybe it could even act as motivator for you to work out with the possibility of your own sexy conclusion.

Final Verdict:


3.5 Golden Cocks

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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