Review: The Sect By Courtney Lane

Title: The Sect
Author: Courtney Lane
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
Type: Standalone Book 1 of Wicked Trinity series
POV: First Person – Female


Keaton Mara’s haunting past forced her to abandon everything she ever known. Out on the street, she learned the hard way how to survive and how to stay inconspicuous. But her life was ripped apart the second time when she caught the attention of the dangerous Noah Oliver that threw her life in a tailspin.

I’ve always been interested in cults in real life, with the mentality of the leaders/followers, but I never really read a book that centered around it. I’m glad this book touched all those things I’m interested in and it was sufficiently dark for my liking.

My choices weren’t my own. My body wasn’t my own. My life belonged to someone else.

I like how Keaton experienced the conflicting emotions throughout the book, but I can’t say I like her. Sometimes she was just too ignorant to the situation around her.

I did like Noah a lot. I thought he played his part perfectly. He was enigmatic, yet he wasn’t high up on the pedestal –  he was reachable.

 “You’ve taught me so many things about how to be real in this world. Things that I never saw or realized in my other life.”

My favorite secondary character was Jeff. He was endearing and wise in his own way.

“The strong don’t break, they give in only because they need to find a way to survive.”

As for the story itself, I love the beginning and the ending, but I felt the middle part was a bit dragging.  I like how, even though I figured out the major revelation, there were still bits and pieces that surprised me in the end.

One thing I have problem with was that I couldn’t feel the characters and the connections between them as much as I would like. I didn’t really feel Keaton’s fear/desire and I didn’t really feel her connections emotionally/sexually with the other characters. And for me, those are the most important aspect of a book – the soul of the story.

The Sect is a story of a woman’s survival navigating through lies and deceits in order to gain her freedom. It has mystery and intrigue that will make you follow her journey to the end.

This review is also available on Goodreads.

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