Review: Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Title: Wanderlust
Author: Skye Warren
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Hunter Bryant was a trucker driving around his eighteen-wheeler across the country. At a deserted rest stop, he saw something he wanted, and decided to make it his.

Evie grew up with in a sheltered environment with her mother feeding her with the notion of how bad the world was out there. But as she celebrated her 20th birthday, she was determined to get out of her shell and see the world. Soon enough she discovered that her mother might be right after all.

My first ever dark book was a captive story. Since then, it has been one of my favorite elements in such books because I love the psychological aspect between the two main characters.

“I knew full well how wrong it was, and I did it anyway. And the most fucked up part about it all is that I still don’t regret it. No remorse. Really fucking crazy, right?”

I was incredibly attracted to Hunter when he was first introduced in the book. He was dark, mysterious and sinister. But as the story progressed, he evolved into something else. I really like the story of his past, who he was, and how he became the man he was now.

I like how Evie finally decided to take her fate into her own hands after years of being under her mother’s thumb. It took guts to do something drastic and unknown.

“Well, now you do, sunshine. And you know what else? I think you’re more adventurous than you let on. You’ve been sheltered, that much is clear. Well , you’re going to expand your horizons with me.”

The concept of this book was very interesting. I like the idea how both of the characters were wanderers, trying to get away from their pasts only to meet in the middle in the most unusual/unexpected circumstances. However, there were a few details that weren’t fully explained/rationalized. I am also not a fan of too “convenient” situations.

Wanderlust is a story of a woman’s self discovery with an engaging, evocative and poetic writing that could make you yearn to break free from your safe, normal life.

This book involved dubious consent. Do not read if you can’t handle such situations.


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