Review: Unravel by Calia Read

Title: Unravel
Author: Calia Read
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone Book 1 of Fairfax series
POV: First Person – Female


Naomi Carradine was a college student from a respectable family. While on summer break with her best friend Lana, a life-changing event led to her stay at Fairfax Mental Health Institute. Confused and alone, she was determined to find her way out back into her world with only one person who always had her back.

The human mind is such a fascinating thing and that’s why I’ve always been attracted to stories related to it. I’m happy that this book certainly met my needs.

I can dream. I can imagine and hope, but it will never change a thing.

I love taking the journey with Naomi through her ups and downs, and her confusion and revelation. I also love seeing her interaction with the people around her at the institution.

My opinion matters to him. And even as a kid it had mattered. That’s what makes Lachlan my safety net—I will always matter to him.

Lachlan was a highly likeable character. His unwavering support gave Naomi the strength to move on. I love seeing how their relationship evolved from the first time they met.

Lana and Max were another two closest people in her life. Both of them came into her circle at the right moment in her life. Each of them had individual strengths and weaknesses that helped her navigate through life.

Even though I managed to figure things out before the revelation it didn’t distract me from enjoying the overall story. However, I do wish I could feel more of her distress.

Unravel is a story of a woman’s struggle in unraveling the truth from the depth of her mind. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for something that touches the complexity of human minds.

The book is not dark but there were scenes that might be disturbing to some.

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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