Review: Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster

Title: Dirty Ugly Toy
Author: K. Webster
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance/Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

Braxton Kennedy was an American who liked to find his preferred product in London. But his product of choice can’t be found in any posh stores dotting the city. Instead, he scoured his “toy” in the back alleys, looking for homeless, kinless prostitutes to meet his specific proclivities.

Jessica made a living by roaming the backstreet of London for the sole purpose of feeding her addiction. Nothing was off limit as long as she could get her next high. When faced with an opportunity to change her life, desperation made her took it with no question without total understanding what she signed up for.

For some readers, books with content warning make them stay away, but for me it’s an attraction. However, once a book is advertised as a sensitive read, it subconsciously created a certain level of expectations in me. In this case, I’d say it just barely made it.

“By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to beg to be anywhere but near me.”

I did like Brax but sometimes I feel like he was too pussy whipped, too quickly. What annoyed me was how much he talked (in monologue or dialogue to her) about being evil/bad man. I rather see his actions instead.

“I crave to rile you up and provoke you. I like watching the vein in your forehead pulsate when you’re pissed. I like when you tie me up and spank me and treat me like you own me.”

I liked that Jessica (or Bunny for her toy name) was more than who she really was. I did find it amusing how she liked to provoke him. I was counting on the time when she deserved a punishment. Oh yeah… I need to find my own masochistic toy haha!

The book started really well with the highly intriguing prologue. But as it progressed, it started to lose my attention. I like the grittiness and the elements of suspense, however I couldn’t feel the characters (even though they did went through some horrible things) and story direction was quite predictable.

The premise of the book didn’t feel fresh anymore. I don’t mind recycled stories and predictable plot as long as I could feel the characters, which is something very important for me in my reading.

Dirty Ugly Toy is a dark, gritty story of two individuals with broken pasts and how they path changed all in the name of a better future.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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