Review: Bang by E.K. Blair

Title: Bang
Author: E.K. Blair
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
Type: Book 1 of 3 from Black Lotus series
POV: First Person – Female


Nina grew up with less than ideal past. With only one friend growing up, together they’ve been each other support. She wanted to avenge of what she lost, no matter who or what in the way. But sometimes she forgot, there were certain things one cannot control.

Before starting the book, I didn’t have much idea what it’s about and I’m glad I went in blind because that’s the best way to enjoy this book – by peeling the layers yourself. With that said, this is review is spoiler free, so it is safe for you to venture beyond this line lol!

The heart is a weapon—a self-inflicting weapon—that if not trained properly, can destroy a person.

I’ve been very conflicted with how I felt about Nina. On one hand, I understood her motivation, but at the same time, I felt that I can’t support her quest. But I would definitely give her credit for having the guts to do what she set out for.

There were three male characters in the book and I actually like every single one. Each has his own unique appeal.

Bennett Vanderwal was the caring, understanding one. He seemed like a perfect gentleman. He might look naïve at times, but I believe he was smarter than he appeared to be.

Declan McKinnon was an intense character. He required control in every aspect of his life, but he’s also capable in yielding when needed.

“You deserve everything that’s good in this world, and I swear to you that I will fight to give you that.”

My favorite was definitely Pike. I have a soft spot for him no matter what he did/didn’t do.

For me, a mark of a well written book is not only that it should grip me, but also make me question what will happen next. This book did all that. I kept having theory why certain decisions were made throughout the book and I like that because it made the book more engrossing.

Life’s cruel, and I’m its bitch.

My favorite part of the book was actually the first half. It was dark and gritty. It was graphic and totally fucked up – absolutely the kind of things that appeal to me. It also made me incredibly sad and incredibly angry.

Bang is a story of a woman’s path to avenge her past and how it affected the people around her. It’s a fast pace read full of intrigued and sexiness. With a heart stopping ending, it sure lured me to know what happens in the next book.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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