Favorite Teasers Of 2015

I started making teaser for my reviews since October 2014. At first, I only make for books I like and feel that it’s worth my time – because lets face it, doing art really takes a lot of time. But then I became addicted to it. My review feels incomplete without at least one art. This year I made 285 of them.

I don’t go crazy with multiple arts per review. I just don’t have the time and patience. I average on two per review. Funny thing how subjective art is. I’ve made some teasers that I do not like at all, yet they were some of the post popular ones (most complimented/pinned).

I also started doing teaser gifs this year. I love it because it takes a lot faster than still art because it doesn’t require much embellishments. Below are some of my favorite teaser arts and gifs. Click them to read my review.

For my full list of teasers for 2014/2015 visit my Pinterest:

Favorite Arts


Favorite Gifs




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