Best Books Of 2015

I have read 141 books for the year 2015. Most of them were dark sprinkled with some light ones in between. Some were highly memorable, while some I can’t even remember what it was about.

Below are the full list of the monthly Top Pick winners.
Click cover to go to the corresponding month Top Pick page.




Being a Top Pick winner means the book has the most overall appeal compared to the rest of the contenders. However, it doesn’t mean the books that lost doesn’t have its own individual appeal.

Below are the winners of special categories. Click cover to go to my review


Best Swoony Hero


Best Kick Ass Heroine


Best Kinky Fuckery


Best Heart Stabber


Best Soul Searcher


Best Right In The Feels Angst


Best Depth Of Hell Dark


Best There Is Still Hope In Humanity


Best Sometimes You Don’t Have Time For Big Book


Best WTF Is This Awesomeness I Just Read?


Best What Is This Weirdly Fascinating Thing?

(The whole Pony Tales series)


Best Don’t Judge The Book By The Cover


Best I Got Pregnant By This Cover

Yup. That pretty much covers everything good of 2015. Lets hope for more great books in 2016!



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