Review: Stain by Francette Phal

Title: Stain
Author: Francette Phal
Genre: Dark Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual


Maddox Moore grew up traumatized. While his twin brother coped by accepting their past, Maddox let his anger fester, feeding the monster inside him until it completely took over.

Aylee Bennett was a high school senior eagerly waiting for her moment of freedom. Armed with an artistic talent, she used that as a vehicle to get out of the seemingly picture perfect life with her foster family. But no one knows the monster hiding behind closed door and she had to escape fast before it’s too late.

My favorite type of dark book is the raw and gritty ones – the kind that make you question humanity, the kind that make you want to lock your kids and protect them from the big bad world. I am so glad this book was certainly one of them.

I enjoy my self-imposed hell. I can feel my demons beating against the impenetrable walls of memories I’d sooner forget.

I absolutely loved Maddox. It’s been a while since a hero could make me feel all tingly. Maddox did that and he’s just 18. It made me feel… dirty, and I like it haha! He’s so broken. But instead of letting it take him down, he displayed his anger as a form of therapy.

I liked Aylee a lot. She might look weak from the outside but inside she was made of steel. Her life wasn’t much less traumatized than Maddox’s. But while his monster was in the past, hers was very much still present.

If this is sin then I’ll gladly burn for just a stroke of his tongue along my most intimate place. For him, I’d burn for eternity.

I love their chemistry together. I love how they saw each other, before and after, and the pull that’s palpable between them. There wasn’t that much sexual interaction between them but every time it was explosive. My favorite was the library scene.

There will be a novella to accompany this book but personally, I like how the story ended. What lacking was how it got to the end. I wanted for the immediate scenes before the end to be explored more. There were also a few scenes earlier in the book that was added without being properly supported, making them insignificant.

Stain is an engaging story of two broken individuals finding ways to unintentionally heal each other. It’s dark, gritty and contains several triggers.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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