Review: Letters Written In White by Kathryn Perez

Title: Letter Written In White
Author: Kathryn Perez
Genre: General Fiction
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Partly Dual


Riah Winter was tired. Tired of life and everything around her. Days of happiness seemed long gone. With a husband Grayson, who didn’t understand her and two children who grated her nerves, every day became a struggle to hold on. Some days she found pockets of sunshine but most days the darkness consumed her until there wasn’t any more light.

This book was hard to read. And if you know me well enough, you’d know I don’t say that lightly. I seek sad, depressing books on a daily basis, but after this one, I might lay low for a few days lol!

“What’s worse, living when you want to die or dying while you’re fighting to live?”

Riah had been suffering from depression for a long time. Moments that were supposed to be joyful filled her with dread. There was only so much she could fake, and it had reached to the point she didn’t even bother to fake it anymore.

The true murderer of our love was life.

It didn’t help that Grayson never understood the depth of her issue. But as her husband, he also suffered from her illness. And so did her innocent young children.

Whenever someone asked me why I gravitate towards dark/depressing books, my answer is simple – it’s real life. That’s what real life is. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Beyond the fluff, it’s also cold and ugly – things that many people refused to acknowledge. But we need to realize that sometimes the ugliness could teach us a lot more than the beautiful things could.

My eyes are superglued shut with regret and fear. My body is dead. My soul is dying. Nothing can save me now.

And this is what this book is all about. The author didn’t sugarcoat the issue. Riah was relatable. Everywhere around the world, millions of people suffered from various degrees of depression and sometimes the sufferers never realize how much their choices could impact the people around them for years to come.

“In life we never know the battles others are facing. We don’t know the demons they are hiding. Everyone you have ever met is fighting something.” 

The moral of this book is death could be as punishing as living. A lot of times, you have to look life on a different perspective to understand that you’re not alone in your pain.

Letters Written In White is a raw, powerful look at the ripple effects of depression. This book contain triggers that not everyone could handle, but if you could, consider reading this one because it might just make you appreciate your life a little better.


This review is also available on Goodreads.



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