Review: Badger by C.M McKenna

Title: Badger
Author: C.M. McKenna
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female


Adrian Birch was struggling to keep her life on track. As a recovering addict, her path to redemption was not an easy one. As (bad) luck had it, she got injured in hit and run incident. But she did not stay a victim long when she was avenged by The Badger.

Some saw him as a hero, while others akin him to a terrorist. The Badger took matters into his own hand, patrolling Boston and punishing offending citizen with his own brand of street justice. The mysterious hooded cyclist never though he needed anyone until he discovered the inexplicable magnetism he had with Adrian.

I first discovered this book after its numerous appearances on my GR feed. I never really paid much attention to it because the cover didn’t do anything to me and (without knowing the background story) somewhat misleading. But curiosity won and I checked the blurb and I knew this is something that I had to read. I am so glad I didn’t dismiss it at first glance or I would have missed a gem.

I love Adrian. There’s just something about her that made me want to forgive all the bad things she ever did in her past. She was imperfect and knew it, and most importantly worked towards being better.

“When’re you gonna figure out that I’m not some stray you can fix if you just feed me and love me and pat my fucking head?”

Badger resonated deeply within me. He’s my favorite kind of literary character – flawed and damaged beyond his control. But instead of his actions making me hate him, it produced a complete opposite reaction. He hurt me and I love him for it.

I just love stories of anti-heroes. I simply feel more connected with them than the regular swoony heroes. I really love the story but it’s a hard one to categorize. It isn’t a romance but it involved love. They were wrong individually, but together they found semblance of normalcy. It’s not exactly dark per se, but there were some triggers with some disturbing scenes. It’s not exactly erotic, but it was explicit with some possibly repelling scenes.

Badger is an engaging tale of two individuals finding solace in each other when the society in general is against them. It’s funny and sad, heartwarming and heartbreaking, and will linger in your mind for a long time.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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