Book Sale Trip

Yesterday I went to a the Big Bad Wolf book sale. The price has doubled this year so this is my measly stash:

Only 8 books and 4 of them I’ve read lol!

I was so happy to find Tiffany Reisz book! Only one though – The Mistress UK edition. I was also happy to find Story of O. Wanted to buy that one the last time I went to the sale, but for some unknown reason I put it back lol!

I immediately put Me Before You in my basket because that is a book that I would read again. Don’t know if the impact would be the same the second time but it’s worth its ugly crying weight haha! I’ve also wanted to read Room for a very long time.

Previous years, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series were all over the place especially beautiful hard covers. Back then, I keep picking them and putting them down because I never read any at that time. Now I regretted not buying them then because they hardly have any this year 😦 I only found Lover at Last and The King with UK edition. There’s also Dark Lover but it’s also in UK cover which I don’t like.

Since I only have few books in my basket, I thought I add Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Redemption in UK edition. They don’t have Gabriel’s Rapture though. It would be nice to have a complete set.

So basically at the sale they have tables and most of the books are under general fiction category. Only half under Romance. Sadly I can’t find Sins & Needles which was advertise as one of the available books. I really wanted my Javi book 😦 I perused under romance. I have a feeling it might be under general fiction but with about 20 tables in the middle of the exhibition center and many more tables on the perimeter, I just can’t look at them all one by one. If books are arranged facing up like in pic, it was easy to scan quickly. But if there’s only 1-3 book of same title left, they line it up by its spine, it’s really hard to read it especially when they are thousands of title to go through…

Previous years, I bought a lot of books I am not familiar with but seems interesting. But since the price has double, I stick to the ones I know only. There were also hardly any hardcover books anymore. I love buying them because they’re so beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful most of the books I bought yesterday has velvet cover. I don’t know what it is called exactly, but books has either glossy cover, matte cover or velvet covers. Glossy and matter cover are good for reading because they’re more durable. Velvet covers are so nice to the touch but a bitch to read. You can’t have greasy fingers or it will ruin it and the spine cracks like hell.

So yeah, this year is the least book I came back with. But maybe it’s a good thing since I have very small book shelf and definitely have no space for them anymore haha!



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