Review: Therapist by Jaden Wilkes

Title: Therapist
Author: Jaden Wilkes
Genre: Dark Erotica
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Male

Alexandre Dane was a successful clinical psychologist who also happened to be a sociopath. Equally good looking and cocky, he thought he was the best in everything and could get away with anything including implementing an unethical method of experimental treatment for on damaged patients.

He was fearless with his method and lifestyle, until a mysterious woman known only as Mistress came into his life. She infiltrated his thoughts at all time, disrupting his life with the obsession he had for her even though he knew she could be his downfall.

I’ve always been attracted non romantic dark erotica because they could go into the deepest level of darkness – the kind of darkness I prefer. I’m also drawn to fucked up characters and I’m glad that Alexandre was definitely one of them.

I like tears. I like humiliating the stupid little bitches I’m fucking.

Alexandre was not a likable character. His believe and behavior was repulsive especially for a professional, but I actually liked him with how he manipulated his patients and how highly he thought of himself. I also love seeing how he interacted with his friends.

He reckoned he avoided being weak by shutting his emotions to people around him, so when there was a chink in his armor, he was thrown off course and couldn’t handle it well. I like seeing this side of him.

I grasp his head and hold him still, his mouth is open and his gaze is locked on my cock and his eyes are full of nervous excitement.

There were some very sexy scenes and one of my favorite was his session with the couple. Hot damn I want to watch that from the first row! And there were also some very disturbing scenes and my favorite was the umm… “popping scene”. That was something haha!

“You have been a very, very wicked boy, Alexandre,” she says, her voice still a purr.

However, even with all the disturbing scenes, the book didn’t feel dark for me. The appearance of Mistress was a significant event in Alexandre’s life, but Mistress herself wasn’t a significant character.

I love reading about his day to day session with his patients, learning his method and their submissions. However I didn’t like the ending – actually more like not impressed with it because I figured it out as soon as there’s a hint what it could be. It took away the surprise. I do however liked the end part of the epilogue

Therapist follows the life of a man in a few days journey into the dark hole he put himself in. It was disturbingly sexy and would satisfy your dark needs with mystery and suspense to make you keep flipping the page.


This review is also available on Goodreads.
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