Review: Initium by Courtney Cole

Title: Initium
Author: Courtney Cole
Genre: Mystery
Type: Book 2.5 of The Nocte Trilogy
POV: First Person – Female

Like most people who read this novella, I had no idea what the fuck I just read hahaha! It started well and normal and then the last 2-3 chapters I was lost at what the point of the whole story and how it connected to the main books.

“He was the only good thing in my life,” I tell her, and I see red with my rage. “He never asked me for anything. He loved me for me, he didn’t love me for what I could provide him with, or for what I could do for him.”

The novella revolved around the life of Olivia who was Dare’s mother. She came to Whitley because she had to. By marrying Richard Savage, she secured her mother’s welfare even though she was in love with someone else – Phillip DuBray. However Richard was a monster with some sick depravity.

“You don’t even know what is real anymore, Olivia. That is the problem.”

And then things started to get strange…
There were stories about the dark root of her ancestry – of Salome and Judas. Maybe because I’m not familiar with the story I don’t really get the point. What I know is it has something to do with seduction, betrayal, sacrifice and revenge.

I’m still not sure how this all related to what happened in the main story. It could be because I’ve forgotten what happened in the first two books lol! Whatever it is, it’s definitely intriguing. I’m really hoping the final book will make sense of all these.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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