Review: Buy Me by Alexa Riley

Title: Buy Me
Author: Alexa Riley
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Novella
POV: First Person – Multiple
3 Golden Cocks + 1 Silver Cock = 3.5 Goldies


That young ripe pussy flows with nectar, and we are both ready to get inside it.

Stella Johnson was a 20 years old dedicated daughter of a drunk gambler. After losing her mum, her dad became useless and it was up to her to run the family farm while continuing to bail him out of his gambling debt. But there was only so much she could afford, so she decided to sell her virginity in the Mistress Auction.

Aaron and Justin Cortez were owners of a classy luxurious casino. From the first time they laid their eyes on her, they knew they wanted her and they would do anything to make it a reality.

This book reads like an amusing porn video – I mean in term of the storyline. It’s cheesy, somewhat unrealistic but definitely entertaining.

Aaron and Justin didn’t just want her pussy. They actually were looking for much more than that. They did everything they could to get her and they would do anything to keep her theirs.

“There isn’t a card I won’t play, pull, or use to keep you with us. Not one thing. We’d burn down the world just to keep you.”

I was disappointed when I found out Aaron and Justin wasn’t actually blood brothers. It would be so much better if they were! Aaron was the older and moodier one (which naturally made me attracted to him more) while Justin was the charming one.

For an erotica book, it didn’t have as many sex scenes as I hoped.  It took until the very end of the book for the DP to happen and it was way too brief. I need more um… detailed and elaborated scenes lol!

Buy Me was a short sexy read about having a functioning unconventional relationship. It was surprisingly sweet and heartwarming.

For the price she got from selling her virginity, I would have sold mine.

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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