Review: Grayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan

Title: Grayson’s Vow
Author: Mia Sheridan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone from A Sign Of Love Series
POV: First Person – Dual

Grayson Hawthorn inherited a now crumbling winery in Napa from his father. He made a vow to save it and restore its glory. However, money was tight and his previous life preventing him from securing finance to make it happened.

Kira Dallaire was the estranged daughter of politically powerful ex-mayor. With her money running out, her only option is either to run back to daddy, which she would never do or cash in her inheritance, which required some stipulations.

Both were desperate, but she saw an opportunity that would benefit both parties. She offered him something he couldn’t refuse without realizing secrets and lies from the past has a way of destroying the future.

I have been a fan of Mia Sheridan since I first read Archer’s Voice and after seeing comments on the “fairy tale elements” I was even more intrigued. The book turned out to be a lot lighter than I hoped but I still like it nonetheless.

Apparently, I’d been wrong about The Dragon, in some ways at least. He wasn’t the uncaring beast I’d originally thought.

Grayson or The Dragon as she called him, was abrasive. Having a less than ideal childhood forced him to put up a wall to protect himself from further hurt. I sympathized with him for what he had to go through and the motivation behind his vow.

Irrationally, I felt duped, as if the little witch had put some kind of spell on me. Maybe it wasn’t so irrational—she probably had. Bewitching little troublemaker.

Kira or The Witch as he called her, was everything he was not. Even though grew up in privilege, she had an honest kind heart and readily opened herself to accept others into her heart. I love that even though she’s gentle, she had bites.

This book is inspired by the zodiac sign Libra – specifically the scale of justice – about how the characters had to deal with the unfairness of life. What’s interesting is that this one deal with a downfall of two individuals who grew up in the lap of luxury.

As mentioned, this book is a lot lighter than previous books in the series. There were plenty of sweet/cute moments. I like how Kira’s lightness and carefree attitude balanced Grayson’s more rigid demeanor.

The shrubbery was tall and untended, and as I ran by, holding the hoops of my skirt as close to my body as possible, my long dress trailing on the ground behind me, branches seemed to reach out and grab me.

My favorite scene was the fairytale party and the subsequent maze scene. It felt dreamy, romantic and a tinge of surreal – not something I usually like, but ended up loving it. I also the locations in general, as in the sweeping vineyard and the house.

Grayson’s Vow is a story of individuals overcoming difficulties while learning to accept and complement each other. It would appeal to those looking for light and heartwarming story with a dash of fairytale dreaminess.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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