Review: Daddy Knows Best by Vincent Drake

Title: Daddy Know Best
Author: Vincent Drake
Genre: Erotica
Type: Short Story
POV: First Person – Male

My mouth watered, hungry for the scent of silky young snatch; hungry for the dirty little girl down the hallway.

Georgia Tate has always wanted a dad, someone who paid attention to her due to her mum’s ignorance of her emotional needs. But she never expected to get one without notice.

Andrew Priestly married a career woman after a whirlwind holiday romance. What he didn’t foresee was how his tempting step daughter was a handful to handle. With mummy away, things might just get out of hand.

Once in a while I needed to purge my reading saturation by reading a short filthy book. This book surprised me with an actual storyline, a justified twist and plausible ending.

“Daddy’s a dirty man, sweetheart,” I said. “He’s so fucking dirty. He tries to hide it, but he can’t. He’ll do such bad things to you, Georgia, is that what you want?”

The dirty talking made me laughed but then again, I am never a fan of dirty talking. The sex was hot and there was a ménage scene. My favorite part of the book was actually the event right before that – the thing that led to the act. That was fun lol!

Daddy Knows Best would have got five Golden Cocks from me if it was a little bit more filthy.


P.S.: I love the cover. It’s classy, unlike a lot of the horribly cheesy covers of this genre.

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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