Review: Fourth Debt by Pepper Winters

Title: Fourth Debt
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Book 5 of 6 from Indebted series
POV: First Person – Dual


After losing her allies and her loved ones, Nila was grasping for the ever slipping hope. There was not one thing she could do that will not result in further damage to her heart. As the Hawks celebrated a new shift in power, Nila will have to listen to her heart and decided who was friend and who was foe.

After the shocking and intense ending of the last book, I’m sure Forth Debt became Pepper Winters’ most anticipated book. I’m sorry to say it turned out to be my least favorite book of hers that I’ve read – and I’ve read all of them. Her writing style was as beautiful as ever, but the story itself didn’t grab me and it felt dragged on.

Why focus on a fantasy when the reality threatened to destroy us?

I understand, after everything that happened in the last book, this one needed to be more mellow – specifically, Nila needed to be more mellow – for her to accept/reflect on the events. However, I didn’t feel a thing for her.

I couldn’t feel sorry for her lost, or the turmoil in her decisions. Not when she was wallowing in her loneliness, not when she’s devising a revenge plan.

“This is another checkmate in a game you’re too stupid to understand.”

The only blip of emotion I felt was towards certain rotten Hawks – for them to suffer an immeasurably painful end.

You’ll see the last things you’ll ever see. You’ll hear the last things you’ll ever hear.

I was highly disappointed with the fourth debt extraction. It was way too mild considering the nature of previous debts, especially that it was the penultimate. Ideally, it should make me scared for what to come but it was forgettable.

“She fell in love with my brother, and overnight, I became second in his life.”

For me, the best thing in this book was Jasmine. She got her chance to shine and I love seeing a different side of her. My favorite scene was of her with certain someone when she needed help completing her quest.

Even though this book wasn’t my favorite, I am still looking forward to the final book. I am truly hoping it will end with a bang – even if it could hurt.


I’m not going to lie I hope the finale will hurt big time :p

This review is also available on Goodreads.



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