Review: Omega by Jasinda Wilder


Title: Omega
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Type: Book 3 of Alpha series
POV: First Person – Dual (Female)

Kyrie St. Claire and Valentine Roth were still in hiding from his former mentor, Vitaly Karahalios. Vitaly was out for revenge after what both of them did to his family and he was targeting anyone closed to them.

Layla Campari was Kyrie’s best friend whose life was ripped away for her own safety. Now on board of Eliza together with the couple and their body guard Nicholas Harris, she must learn to adapt in order to survive.

I was actually quite reluctant to read this one due to what I felt about the previous books. But I am glad I took the chance and endured this because it was quite different from the others.

Loving him isn’t a choice. It’s not something I have control over. Being his, being with him…it’s all of me.

Kyrie and Roth were adapting to living on boat at the edge of the world. With security at all time alert, they still manage to live a fulfilled life because they have each other.

“If you were hoping for a damsel in distress, you’ve got the wrong bitch. I may be in distress, but I’m sure as shit not a fucking helpless damsel.”

Layla on the other hand was having a hard time. Used to making herself busy with work and school, with nothing to do, her minds was starting to betray her emotions and it wasn’t long until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Harris, was being Harris. The stoic man who was always professional and dedicated to his job, but we finally got to see a different side of him in this one.

Omega went almost completely different direction from its predecessors. It still had the car chasing, guns blazing action and the lots and lots of sex, but it had a different tone. Amidst the seriousness, this book was injected with a different life with the addition of hilarious scenes courtesy of Layla.

God, my tits hurt from the constant bouncing. I’m stacked as hell, and I do mean stacked. I’m not saying my tits are my best asset, because I’ve got a pretty bangin’ ass too, but dem titties? Big, juicy, and bouncy. All natural, of course.

I absolutely love her. This book comes in dual POV (Kyrie and Layla) and hers was the best part of the book. The things that come out of her mouth were certainly entertaining.

You want to talk about uncomfortable? Jesus. I’ve now got mad respect for those crazy druggie bitches who smuggle bags of coke up their shit, that’s for sure.

One of my favorite scenes was the “pen scene”. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

However, even though I love the funny bits, overall as a series, I’m not quite sure if this book fits. It felt more like a spin-off than the conclusion of the series because of the shifted focus. I was also highly disappointed with Vitaly’s ending. It was anti-climactic.

Also, like the previous books, the sex scenes were too long. I don’t have problem with many sex scenes but when it’s too long I lost focus. It would be so much sexier if it’s short and hot. The whole time I was thinking, “Dude, just cum already!” Hahah!

Overall, Omega was a breath of fresh air but I wasn’t exactly what I wanted as the conclusion for the series.

The review is also available on Goodreads.


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