Review: Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

Title: Easy Virtue
Author: Mia Asher
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Book 1 of 2 from Virtue series
POV: First Person – Female

Blaire White grew up bullied by peers at school and ignored by parents at home. At a young age, she learned not to rely on anyone else. As she grew older, she realized her beauty was worthy trait and used it fully to her advantage by luring rich men into her grasp. She was happy with her superficial life until she met two suitors who could give her what she always wanted.

Ronan was just a regular Joe – someone Blaire don’t normally associate with. But he provided her with emotional fulfillment. Then there was Lawrence Rothschild, a rich businessman who could provide her with anything she ever needed. Both men made her questioned what she valued the most in her life.

I have always been attracted to books centered on character(s) that requires a little more effort to love and this book certainly falls into the category. The story not only made me swoon, but angry and sad at the same time.

I like money. I like power. I like adoration. I like sex.

Blaire was a cold gold digger. I like how she knew what she wanted and went for it even if it hurt her inside. I did sympathize with her past, but it was also frustrating that it held her back from start to finish. She didn’t evolve in that sense.

“ I plan on putting that beautiful and brazen mouth of yours to good use, and not for conversation, darling.”

Laurence wanted to be with Blaire purely for physical pleasure. He offered her something she couldn’t resist. He made her feel free of expectations and let her “true self” shine.

Ronan on the other hand made her scared of the possibilities. He made her feel emotions she never felt before. Out of both men, my favorite is definitely Ronan. I love how real and relatable he was. I also love how he wasn’t ashamed to bare his soul.

There was one point at the end of the book that made me paused a little to consider Laurence. It was a glimpse of his thought that might change the game in the next book, but until then, Ronan is my man. Besides, I’m all for the underdog.

Like the ugly duckling from my favorite childhood story, I turned into a swan. Though beautiful on the outside, I felt ugly, so very ugly on the inside.

Easy Virtue is a story of a woman’s journey in understanding her self-worth. It had some angst and scorching sexy times that ended with a cliffhanger with wide possibilities of what’s coming next.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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