GIF TAG – Reviewing books in one gif

I have been tagged to play this ‘GIF TAG’ by GR and blogger friend Vrsha from Peek At My Book Reviews. This is my first time playing this tag game so bear with me if I’m doing it wrong haha!


How To Play

I will give a list of 10 books. You have to list the books, and then write one sentence that either, relates to what you think of when reading the book or something about the book, and then a gif to show your reaction. Then, tag people and list the books for them to do this with!
When you receive this make sure you mention who tagged you and pass it on!
Here are my books:

My Reviews

1. King by T.M.Frazier

 I bow to you my King, who made me feel myriads of emotions.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

My first romance, my first erotica and my first BBF will forever be special to me.

3. Made by J.M.Darhower

Stop breaking my heart!

4. Nocte by Courtney Cole

I don’t know what the fuck just happened but I love it!

5. Tangled by Emma Chase

 I usually do the dark shit but damn, Drew is the shit!

6. Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

What? No! No! This can’t be!! Please don’t break me like this! *proceeds to having mental breakdown due to hearbreak*

7. The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

That’s some funny shit!


8. Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White

That’s the dark shit that I love!

9. Dirty Bad Wrong by Jade West

Damn this shit is so wrong, but why do I like it?


10. Thicker Than Blood by Madeline Sheehan, Claire C. Riley

Dear god, please don’t ever make me endure that shitty situation!

Your Turn

That was fun! Now I’m tagging Nawal from Nawal Loves To Read, Loyda from Crazies R Us Book Blog and April from The Star Angels Reviews

Here is your book list:

(if you haven’t read one fill in with your own pick)

  1. Ricochet by Keri Lake
  2. Priest by Sierra Simone
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James
  4. The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon
  5. Thicker Than Blood by Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley
  6. Deviant by Callie Hart
  7. Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
  8. Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning
  9. Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
  10. Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde

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