Review: Out Of Time by Beth Flynn

Title: Out Of Time
Author: Beth Flynn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Type: Book 2 of Nine Minutes series
POV: Third Person


Tommy/Grunt and Ginny made their peace on the day of Grizz’s execution. They were trying to move on with the lives, finally away from their past. However, their future was in jeopardy when new revelations were unearthed. Secrets and lies from the past accumulated threatening to blow over everything they ever believed in.

Let me start with saying I absolutely adored Nine Minutes. At the end of the book, I was so excited with the possibilities especially with Grunt’s role in the turn of events from book 1. Unfortunately, Out Of Time basically made me run out of patience because it turned into completely different direction.

The stories were told in three different timeline – the present and two different timelines in the past. And there were also flashbacks in each timeline. Confused? You might be if you don’t pay attention when reading. I love that the past timelines told the stories of the three main character’s pasts, but the flashbacks within the timeline could have been handle more seamlessly.

“Answer me. You think you can just take whatever you want?”

 He looked over at her and smiled. “I took you, Kitten.”

I love the story of Grizz past. I love learning his trials and tribulations of having to grow up too fast. We got to learn how Grizz became the man he was – by jumping and using every opportunity that fell in front of him. I admired his ambition and determination even if it wasn’t morally/socially acceptable.

He would graduate college. He would make something of himself and be able to offer her a life away from this band of criminals. It would just take some time.

Grunt was my favorite in book 1 and he still in my favorite now. We got to learn his time with Grizz from the moment he arrived at the motel. He had his own set of ambitions and we got to see how achieved them.

“I have never made a significant or important choice for myself. Not ever.”

I liked Ginny, but I felt less connected with her this time around.  She was the one who was affected the most by the two men’s past actions/decisions, but I just couldn’t feel for her.

While I enjoyed stories of their past, I think there were just too much going on in one book. There was no downtime for readers to sit back and enjoy the ride. It was constantly one thing after another. Secrets and revelations coming out like an open faucet. There were too many characters and too many information being leaked, I had hard time keeping up. By the time I finish the book, my brain was fried and I already forgotten a bunch of the details.

I usually prefer third person POV, but in this case, with the amount of characters and events going on, I got confused a few times with whose story was being told at the moment.

What I love about the story is how even through lies and manipulations, whatever both Grizz and Grunt did all stemmed from love to the person they cared about.

“That was the day, Tommy. The day I eavesdropped on you telling Mimi that story.”

One of my favorite scenes was when Grunt asked Ginny at what point she fell in love with him. It was such a sweet story and about the only time I actually felt something in the book.

Like I mentioned before, I love learning about the characters past, but I am not happy with the direction it’s heading in the future. There were things that happened that was just… too much, like it’s veering towards a certain sub-genre that’s really not my thing. And the final chapter really made me worried with the development of future relationships – potentially ruining everything that was good about the first two books.

Despite everything, I am still looking forward to the third (and hopefully final) book.


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