Review: The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Title: The Reluctant Dom
Author: Tymber Dalton
Genre: Erotica (BDSM)
Type: Standalone Book 4 of  The Suncoast Society series
POV: Third Person


Kaden and Seth were lifelong friends. When Kaden found out he was dying, he made one request from Seth that threw his friend’s already messed up life in disarray – to replace him as his wife Leah’s Dom and husband after he died.

Seth not only had to live with the fact that his best friend is dying, he was also thrown into a crash course of the D/s lifestyle and to deal with his conflicting emotions in doing what’s best for his closest friend.

I first came across this book when I first started reading two years ago. At that time, I was still green when it comes to BDSM materials so I put it in the back burner. I am glad to finally tackled this one and I wasn’t disappointed.

“I’m looking at the man I love even more than a brother, a man I know would gladly switch places with me in a heartbeat to save my life if he thought he could. A man who will love and cherish the woman I love as much as I do.”

The Reluctant Dom was not about BDSM or romance. It’s about the unconventional and unbreakable bond of friendship and love. Beyond the collar and the whips, it was simply a beautiful and heartbreaking journey of three individuals in accepting and preparing for the inevitable.

Kaden and Seth were a complete opposite. Kaden was the successful and wealthy lawyer and had been married to Leah for a long time. He was organized and a meticulous planner.

He was the perpetual fuck-up. Could he ever truly be strong and steady Kaden?

Seth on the other hand was struggling to keep his life together. Both his business and marriage failed, but he always fix it as best as he could without depending on other people. What I love the most about him was that he was real. Probably the most real character I’ve read. He was imperfect, had body hang ups and had warring feelings about their arrangements. He provided a lot of angst.

Leah was such a hard character to handle. She was so emotionally fragile (due to her past) that the two men were constantly walking on eggshells. It was emotionally taxing to anticipate her mental state.

“How can you say you want to share your wife with me?”

“Because I love you.”

“Dude, I am sooo not doing you! I thought we settled that.”

Even though the book centered on (an impending) death, I was glad it was written in a light manner. There was a lot of laugher in the beginning that I doubted if this book was supposed to be emotional. The doubt was shattered after about 80% when it became hard to read, so I was glad for the lighter part earlier.

The book is not for everyone. It could be painful for people who had personal experience in the matter. But if you could handle emotional pain, you might find this as a power reminder how much love and support could help you through the darkest hours.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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