Review: Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White

Title: Her Master’s Courtesan
Author: Lily White
Genre: Dark Erotica
Type: Standalone book 1 of Master’s series
POV: First Person – Dual


Aiden Oliver was a true Master of his craft. After years of learning the art of slave training, he became one of the best out there. He stole women, broke them down, only to build them up again to his specification – a courtesan – a whore whose mind and body were property of her Master.

Rebecca was a college student who happened to caught Aiden’s eye and fit his client’s request. He was confident of his ability to break her while she was determined to not bow down.

Her Master’s Courtesan has intrigued me for a long time. I’m always interested in books that invoked strong reaction. Be it good or bad, or best if both. In this case it’s both. The darkness in this book was enticing, yet at the same time could be highly repulsive.

To be a true Master – you must know the limits of your slave and you won’t need to be warned when they get scared or are in pain. You know when to stop and you know when you are pushing a person too far. 

I read dark books like I eat breakfast. It’s a normal thing in my life that feeds my literary hunger. I like to think I’m quite desensitized towards things that would normally make people cringe or vomit. But even I have to admit, some of the things in this book made me want to yell “What is wrong with these people!” And yet, I still found it mesmerizing.

I love Aiden. He is definitely among my top villain. Yes, I classified him as villain. In fact pretty much all of the characters in the book was at least partially villainous. And by love him I meant, not his action, but for what he stood for, what he believed in and his method in getting what he want. It may not be morally acceptable, but I admired him nonetheless.

When your entire world is destroyed – when you’ve lost everything that you valued enough to fight for – results and consequences no longer matter.

I like Rebecca too. I accepted her choices no matter how misjudged it might be. I could relate to her because I understood her thought process and her coping mechanism. I like her even more when she “evolved”.

The best part of the book was definitely towards the last two chapters to the end. It was nail bitingly intense and contained some of the most disturbing scenes in the book.

I definitely felt more connected to Aiden than Rebecca. I love learning about his method, but at times I felt he revealed about himself too much during his POV. I would rather like it better for Rebecca to discover it from her POV.

I hadn’t been pushed to a point where I didn’t know right from wrong. I did know the difference – I just didn’t care.

This book is the kind of dark books I prefer – the kind that delved into the dark corner of human psyche – the one that opened up the possibilities that there are dark sides lurking in each and every one of us. It was just a matter of setting the right trigger.

This review is also available on Goodreads.



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