Shh… SPOTlight on LIVE Chat With Shay Savage

Shh… is hosting the monthly #ShhSPOTlightOn your favorite authors where fans can chat LIVE with some of the biggest names in Romance and Erotica! This month’s featured event and first of many is the SPOTlight on LIVE chat with Shay Savage  scheduled for  Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 11:00am EST.

In the meantime, be sure to swing by PRE-chat for Shay Savage thread to chat with other fans. In anticipation of the LIVE chat, we’re gathering 5-10 commonly asked questions that will be posted prior to LIVE chat event. This will allow the fans to ask more detailed questions during the chat event.

We are also hosting a BR of Shay Savage books on the same thread. You can choose your own book to read at your own pace while sharing your updates/thoughts as you go.

Be sure to RSVP to Shay Savage LIVE chat event! By doing so, Goodreads will send a reminder two days prior to event so you’ll never miss it. Added bonus:

  • One winner will be randomly drawn to win a chance to win a PRE-post their question to Shay Savage.
  • Five winners will be randomly drawn to win $10 Amazon gift cards


To see the full list of featured authors, visit the SPOTlight on CALENDAR thread.

As fans of Shay Savage, you can also help spread the words by posting about Shh… SPOTlight on Shay Savage on your blogs and social media account. Click HERE for details.


SPOTlight on hosted by Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…] with Alessandra, a Goodreads fan group of New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Alessandra Torre.

Click banner to join Shh…


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