Review: Savaged by Shay Savage

Title: Savaged
Author: Shay Savage
Genre: Erotica
Type: Anthology
POV: First Person – Male


Savaged is an erotic anthology with four stories that covered a variety of heroes and situations. It was a quick hot read for those who like their sex scenes straight to the point supported by some background stories. Below are the summaries for each story:


Same Time Tomorrow

Julian was a busy executive with no time to spare when it comes to his sexual relationship/needs. To fix that, he hired an escort for a pleasurable lunch on his office desk. This one had some good tongue/mouth actions. It’s quick and dirty. Just how I like ‘em!

Cleansing Bonds

Could this be my chance? My hope of redemption? If I can heal this sub, can her healing lead to my own?

Paul was a frustrated Dom in the process of finding a new sub. Past experienced with one of his sub made him wary about taking things too far. Yvette was an abused sub looking for comfort and stability. They were both traumatized by their past experience, but learned to use each other to heal their souls.

I like the connections between the characters in this one. They were both damaged in a different way and I love seeing vulnerability in a Dom. This one was more towards a sensual BDSM.


I pull her against me with every penetration, feeling a strange combination of power and recklessness. It feels good to have her under me, under my control.

A college age couple craved something more exciting and pseudo-dangerous to spice up their sex life. And it ended up surprising them in a way they didn’t imagine.

This was the only couple with prior relationship among in this anthology, making them the one with the best connections.

Want No More & What I Want (Bonus – His POV)

Olivia was a newly appointed PA of a company. Too focused on her task, she ignored the warning when the emergency alarm triggered. Her bad decision led her to the handsome terrorist leader, Adam. He was looking for a revenge, only to find something more waiting for him.

This was the story I most looked forward for unfortunately the one that let me down the most. I was looking for something more intense, both physically and emotionally. I love Adam, but Olivia’s actions/decisions brought the story down.

I also prefer the story in his POV. I believe it would have worked better if that’s the only one included in this book because the contents were repeated scene to scene. His POV had more information about his background and motivations.


From the four stories above here are my favorites:

Favorite Story: Same Time Tomorrow
I love this one because it was a quick hot read that left me fully satisfied haha! It was purely sexual transaction that didn’t require much background story, yet it was the one that felt complete to me.

Favorite Hero: Adam from Want No More & What I Want
I love Adam because he was the rebel. The element of danger shot up his sex appeal to the roof. And it doesn’t hurt that he was described as “the most beautiful man”

Favorite Heroine: Valerie from Same Time Tomorrow
I love how strong her character was. Yes, she was an escort, but she held all the power. Yet when it came to pleasure, she gave up that power. It’s amazing how she could switch role in a snap.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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