Review: Third Debt by Pepper Winters

Title: Third Debt
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Book 4 of 6 from Indebted series
POV: First Person – Dual


Being apart from Jethro made Nila realize what she really gained and wanted out of the atrocious Debt Inheritance. Naively, she followed her heart and tried to find her way back into his without realizing that Jet was no longer someone she thought she knew as he found a new perspective in life.

I have to say, when I first started this series, it wasn’t my favorite Pepper Winters work. But I’m glad I kept reading because the story is definitely getting better with each book. With that said, Third Debt is by far my favorite one so far.

Like the previous book, this one started at a slow pace. The first 60%, dealt with Nila’s readjustment in the household. She got to see several characters in a different light due to her previous actions.

 Third Debt: A night of entertainment for devils and a night of horrors for angels.

Then as the Third Debt came looming, things picked right up. If Second Debt was more of a physical torture, Third Debt was more towards psychological. I can take a lot in books, but even I thought this one was pretty high on the eek factor – especially when we learn about the origin of the debt.

We finally learned of Jet’s “condition” which was something he had suffered for a long time. There was a duality of his personality in this book and I have always preferred him the way he was in the first part of the book.

Sorry doesn’t cover what you’ve done to me. Sorry will never be good enough!”

I’ve never really liked Nila since the first book and this book was no exception. My biggest pet peeve with her is that she never took time to think through the plan before executing.

“You say you won’t judge, yet I feel your hatred toward me, Nila. You say you’re there for me, but how far will that willingness go?” 

And she kept saying Jet being cruel, but the things she did to him were exactly that. There were times I wanted to smack her in the head for not seeing how things were when it was quite obvious.

The star of this book (and my heart) was definitely Kestrel. I’ve love him since the first book and in this one, he finally got his chance to truly shine. I was so happy to have a chapter in his POV.  I love learning about his past with Jet.

But I was too damn honourable. Too well trained in hierarchy and fidelity.

I couldn’t do it.

There were moments in past books that made me stopped and thought about what his true motivation was and it hurt to see that even Jet questioned that.

Chapter 33 and 34 was what made the book for me. Those two were the best chapters throughout the series. It was both physically and emotionally intense and raw. I didn’t know whether to cry or be turned on because the two emotions didn’t belong at the same time, but that was exactly what I felt.

The ending made a lot of people angry and heartbroken. It was the epitome of “shit hit the fan” moment. To be honest, I have no idea how the story going to evolved from there. I have hope that things will turn out the way I want, but I’m bracing for another emotionally intense ride.


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