ARC Review: Hot Summer Lust by Juliette Jones

Title: Hot Summer Lust
Author: Juliette Jones
Genre: Erotica
Type: Book 1 of the series
POV: First Person – Dual
Publication Date: Feb 6, 2015


Sadie Faraday is finally free. It’s summer and she just graduated from the strictest private high school in Tennessee. Ditching the confining uniform and the iron-clad rules, she wanders alone to swim in the secluded pond on the far side of her family’s farm. There, she revels – maybe a little too much – in her freedom and the warmth of the sun on her skin. Until she notices she’s not as alone as she thinks …

Elias Hayes just bought the thousand-acre property next door, as a getaway from the craziness of his high profile life as a country music superstar. Hot, hard-bodied and sun-bronzed, Elias stumbles across a sight which ignites a wild obsession and an all-consuming lust that will make this summer the hottest on record …



Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


I guess this is the new me. And reckless. I have this weird craving to do something I shouldn’t be doing.

Sadie Faraday was a recent Catholic School graduate. After years of being confined of worldly simple pleasures, she was finally free to do what she wanted. And what she wanted the most was to go to Nashville to pursue a singing career. One hot summer day led her to the pond on the edge of her family property and unexpectedly ended up giving someone quite a view.

Elias Hayes was the hot new neighbor who also happened to be a huge country star. He was hiding in the countryside from the hectic lifestyle and to get back to his music, but ended up finding more than he anticipated.

Hot surges of my cum wet her stomach, and mine, creating a slick stickiness between us, like glue. I wish it was glue. I wish I could keep her here, all to myself.

Hot Summer Lust is definitely one sizzling erotica. The story was straight to the point and the sex scenes was aplenty and scorching even when it was just in the characters’ imaginations.


Sadie was likable.  She was closed off to the outside world while in school and still retained certain innocence in her, yet she wasn’t afraid to explore her sexuality.


Elias certainly knows what he wanted and he worked to get it. He was pretty sweet, yet had a very filthy mouth.

I have no problem with insta-lust and not normally bothered by insta-love. Though I have to say the insta-love in this one was a little too much to be believable. The ending also felt too abrupt.

From the direction of this book, I’m hoping the next book would include more potential issues that would test their relationship. I’m looking forward to more hotness between Sadie and Elias!

Final Verdict:

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Juliette Jones writes erotic romance and lives in New York City.


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