A Short Hiatus



I hope everyone is doing well. I have a little announcement to make. I’m going to be away from Feb 19-23, so there will likely be no blogging activity during the time period.

I’m looking forward to my short vacation but I have to admit I’m a little stressed out when thinking about the things I’ll be missing while away. There will likely be very limited time for reading (if at all). And absolutely no reviewing.

To make matters worse, there will be two books coming out that I really want to read – By Any Other Name by J.M. Darhower and Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens.

Just when I thought I might be able to keep it stable, the TBR is going to get piled up. There’s also two more ARCs to read. I know some of you “professional readers” might think, “Pffftt… two! I got twenty and it doesn’t faze me!” Well good for you haha!

It takes time for me to finish a book –  at least 2 days. Reviewing and teaser making also takes me between half to full day. That’s why I’m trying to limit request as much as possible. I will also be severely cutting back on promotional posts starting next month because it’s taking too much of my time.

While away, I will also be doing less stalking – minimal Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. If you look at my unofficial calendar above, there’s the “sex and penis talk”. Curious? I bet you are!

 Well it’s actually about a group on Goodreads called Shh… It’s an adult group for Alessandra Torre’s fans with weekly TopPicks topic where hotness and penises will never be an off topic. Oh yeah, my kind of place to hang out at! While I’m pimping GR group, I should also pimp my  group (technically not mine but I reign over there so yeah, lol!) at Malaysian Reads. If you’re Malaysian resident/citizen be sure to join in and participate. Malaysian Reads is open to all age group, so no penises in there haha!

I’d also like to wish Happy Chinese New year for those who celebrate it!WVcny2015

So yeah, to sum up, my reading/reviewing/blogging/stalking activity will be limited between Feb 19-23. Regular activities will resume from Feb 24 onward. Happy reading!


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