ARC Review: Forever In Hollywood by Jovana Rodolakis


Title: Forever In Hollywood
Author: Jovana Rodolakis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female
Release Date: Feb 18, 2015


 Fresh out of college, Marissa Pearson is ready to take on the world. That is, as long as the world isn’t confrontational. She never learned to deal with opposition, instead she runs from it. She ran from a violent boyfriend, a cheating husband, and now she’s on the run from Andrew Reed. He’s the sexy Hollywood playboy intent on nailing her down in more ways than one.

Long days on a movie set can bring people together. Soon Marissa finds herself falling for the wrong guy– again. When Marissa’s past catches up with her, in the form of a vengeful ex, she learns the price of running. But Andrew channels the heroes he plays on-screen in order to give Marissa the strength to do the right thing.

Only when Marissa learns to face challenges thrown at her, will she also learn Andrew was the right guy all along

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Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Marissa Pearson was an aspiring actress looking for her big break. When she got a role in a big production Hollywood movie, she left behind an unsupportive and cheating husband in Boston to bask in the glitz of Hollywood for six weeks.

There, she met Andrew Reed a handsome Brit and a big time Hollywood star (and notorious playboy) who was the leading man for the war movie they’re shooting. In the back lot of the studio, she learned the craft and forged friendships while trying to not fall for Andrew who seemed determined to get what he wanted.

Slowly, she learned to put some trust in him but someone from her past came back to threatened her future.

I haven’t read about actor romance for quite a while so this book was a refreshing break in the spell. What I like the most about it that it wasn’t about a hot shot movie star, but a bottom tier actress trying to find her footing in the industry.

I love how we got a glimpse of the life of a rookie actress and what was involved in the production of a movie from the makeup chair to the director’s chair. I found it fascinating, even when it touched the more technical part of movie making.

Forever In Hollywood 1


The theme of the story was basically about taking a chance in love. I like how both character took their time in knowing each other. They started as friends hanging out with the other cast members in a platonic way before moving into something more deeper.

I love Andrew not just because he spoke with a British accent haha! He was a movie star with sky high confidence but without actually being cocky. I like how he stayed true to himself even when he when some of his actions made him a douche.

Forever In Hollywood 2

I appreciate that Marissa was a woman who went after what she wanted without being selfish.  I love her friendship with her co-star and movie love interest, Billy who was gay and fabulous without being over the top. However, towards the end I felt like their friendship didn’t get the appropriate closure.

Marissa and Andrew had great chemistry as friends, but when they became lovers I felt it was a bit lacking. I wish there were more sexy times between them, which was limited and very brief.

I would recommend Forever In Hollywood for those who want to be immersed into the interesting world of movie making while being dazzled by a slow burn romance.

Final Verdict: 

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Jovana Rodolakis learned from a young age how important creativity and imagination were. Reading helped expand her creativity and writing became a release. She holds a degree in Biology. When she’s not writing she’s often trying to find an adventure, be it urban exploring, traveling, or random shenanigans around Los Angeles.

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