Review: Vanquish by Pam Godwin

Title: Vanquish
Author: Pam Godwin
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone book 2 of Deliver series
POV: Third Person – Dual

Note: This book can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading Deliver first.


“My mother named me Van Quiso. You’ll refer to me as Master.”

If you’ve read Deliver and did not like Van (Seriously, what’s wrong with you?! Okay, okay, no judgment from me haha!) this book will Vanquish all your doubt.

The events in Vanquish took place a year after the ending in Deliver. Liv happily moved on with her life with the man of her choice Josh (again, no judgment here but that woman didn’t know what she’s missing!) and slowly and unobtrusively breaching into the life of Livana, her and Van’s daughter.

He’d said those words to her often, but it hadn’t changed a damned thing. Hadn’t prompted her to say them back. Hadn’t prevented another man’s hands from groping her now.

Van on the other hand, was still longing for a family life with Liv and their daughter. To achieve his goal, he resorted to what he knew best – stalking his prey. He chose the next door vacant house as his stakeout place. Little did he know the house was actually occupied by someone he found utterly intriguing.

Amber was a former beauty queen with a plethora of psychological issues including her debilitating agoraphobia and her OCD.
Van being an opportunist that he was, saw something in her. He wanted her not only for her body, but also as a mean to his end goal. Amber wasn’t given a choice, but she ended up needing him as much as he needed her.

He wanted to be her security, her anchor, her fucking everything. Not as her captor but as her lover.

I absolutely love this book. I’ve love Van since he was first introduced in the series even before he showed any humanity. His creepiness and his darkness were still ever present even when he was trying to do the right thing and I love him for that.




Amber was a surprising character. She was so messed up (in the opposite manner to Van). When I found out about her issues, I thought they were made for each other.

What halted his steps, however, were the four round wall clocks, hanging side-by-side, identical in style, and synced down to the motherfucking second hand.

Her problem was a serious issue, but many of the scenes provided a comic relief to the otherwise dark story. Some of my favorite scenes were of Van messing up with her stuff when he first got into her home.  I also love her story of how she handled the “flapping wings” comment!

And the things that came out of Van’s mouth…

Her face twisted, and she hugged herself. “My stomach hurts.”

 He studied her tightening posture, bent spine, and defensive tuck of her arms. “Maybe you need to take a shit.”

 She cringed. “You did not just say that.”

… damn I love him!

Towards the end, I adore Van for being selfless and sacrificing the things he wanted the most and I also love how Amber, even with her disability tried very hard to help him.

In this book we also learn a little bit more about Van’s past. The story of his doll broke my heart.


Overall, I love the story and I love the ending. However, deep down inside I still harbor for a hope of Van and Liv together. There’s just something about them that feels incomplete.  I know that seems unlikely for their future, but I’d be eternally grateful if Pam Godwin writes a prequel novella of their time together.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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