ARC Review: California Renegade by Elise Covert

Title: California Renegade
Author: Elise Covert
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Book 2 of Renegade novella series
Expected Publication: Dec 26, 2014
POV: First Person – Female

Ren is back, that charming outlaw of the Northern Renegades MC with the dangerous smile and bewitching blue eyes. He wanted Meredith for another week on the back of his motorcycle. In fact, he wanted Meredith in every physical way he could have her.

Last year, they spent spring break together in a joyful, perilous and unexpected erotic holiday. This year, Ren and Meredith find their emotional connection growing during their week on the road. Just as they think they might be able to make something real work between them, Ren’s outlaw lifestyle catches up with him and throws both he and Meredith into mortal danger. Even if their attraction could survive their personal complications, does it have a chance against Ren’s dangerous life?



ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 

California Renegade Cover

Note: California Renegade is part of a series. It can be read as a standalone but reading the first book before this one is highly recommended.

Meredith was a college student nearing the end of her academic life, going through her finals when someone from her past paid her an unexpected visit. Renton Stimson was the dashing leader of the Northern Renegade MC who was a bad news right from the start.

Last spring break, Meredith was “rescued” by Ren when she got stranded in the middle of the road. He offered her a ride home if she agreed to spend 5 days with him. She took the chance, had a whirlwind sexscapade, and moved on with her life after it ended even though she had feelings for him. They kept in contact periodically, but she didn’t think much of it since she couldn’t figure out if her feelings were reciprocated.

California Renegade 1

When Ren came back and offered her another chance of a weeklong adventure, she jumped in on it. She tagged along on Ren’s business cum pleasure trip where they met with Ren’s old friend.

They spent most of their time together reacquainting with each other’s body.


I opened my mouth to say something, I’m not sure what,
and found my mouth full of Ren’s cock.


Yup, they did a lot of reacquainting! Some were pretty hot like the one at the motel (even though he was being a selfish jerk), while some were a fizzle.

When it was time for Ren to complete his “business transaction” for the MC, Meredith decided to be a part of it because he had been keeping his MC activities from her all this while. She ended up getting more than she bargained for.

California Renegade 2

I think this book had a great potential but it wasn’t fully tapped. The length is one probable factor. It was too short for the story to be wholly developed.

I didn’t mind the number of sex scenes in the first 70%, but I wish there were more development in Meredith and Ren’s relationship other than their libido. I had hard time believing their relationship was more than sexual. One of the reasons was the limited length of time they spent together (then and now). Then, there were his claiming and possessiveness but I wish there was more of it.

I was glad something exciting happened after the 70% mark. I really enjoyed the change of pace. It was something potentially dramatic with all the car chases and the tension. However in the end it was left only partially explored. There were a lot of questions left unanswered (Why? Who? How?) And the situation they were in was also resolved without much explanation/logic. It could potentially be addressed in the next book (though from the direction the next book is going, quite unlikely) but this one just felt incomplete.

I do like Ren even though I don’t really know much about him. Meredith I’m not so sure about. She was supposed to be a smart college student but she just accepted a lot of things about Ren and the people/situation around without much question.

One of my favorite characters is definitely Ace. He was a nice addition to the story.

“I love my woman. I love my boy. And I’m not called ‘Ape’ just because of the way I look.”

 He leaned in close. “I’m hung like a fucking gorilla.”

Overall, it was a hot quick read, but potentially better with a more developed plot.

Final Verdict:

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Elise Covert is the Seattle-based author of steamy romances. She can be found lurking on Facebook  and on Twitter


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