Review: Nocte by Courtney Cole

wwTitle: Nocte
Author: Courtney Cole
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Type: Book 1of The Nocte Trilogy
POV: First Person – Dual


Note: Before I read this book, I have completely no idea what is’s about. The blurb was intriguing, the cover was pretty and mysterious, and I’m glad  I read this without prior knowledge because that’s how this book is best enjoyed – blind. With that said, this review doesn’t contain spoilers so make your own decision whether to read this review or not.

Nocte Cover
Calla was an 18 years old suffering from a recent tragedy. She had a twin brother, Finn who was the other part of her soul. While Calla was strong, Finn was weak. Calla was incredibly protective of him and made herself as his protector since Finn was suffering and dealing with his own personal issue.

She needed distraction from her grief and found it in Dare, a mysterious new comer in the town. But as she got closer to Dare, Finn was slipping away and she needed them both in her life.

I haven’t had a book that really consumed me for a while. I absolutely love Nocte. It was beautifully written with the ambiance sweeping me away as much as the fascinating characters.


Nocte 3


The thing is, for most part of the book, we didn’t learn much, yet I kept turning the pages and didn’t stop until my eyes crossed. It pushed you forward without giving much, with just the right balance to not being frustrating. And when the twist came, I was devastated.

It wasn’t until towards the end that you’ll learn something. I had an inclination of what it might be. I was partially right in a sense but I did not expect that. You’ll get little clues along the way that was so subtly woven in the story, which only made sense after the revelation.

I love Calla with how she was trying to be strong for everyone when she herself was suffering. She took the responsibility when her family was down. And I love how she was fiercely protective of Finn.

Nocte 2

Dare was a nice addition in the book. His presence brought hope and balance in Calla’s ever increasingly complicated life. He had his own secret and suffering and it was killing him inside. He also rode a motorcycle and has British accent. *swoon*

My favorite character is unquestionably Finn. I love his fragility. He wanted to be free and let Calla lives her own life, yet she was part of his life and he had a hard time letting her go. He was as protective of her as she was of him.

My favorite part of the book is definitely every single chapter that was on Finn’s POV. Perfection.

Nocte 1

The ending was a huge cliffhanger. When you thought you figured something out, another thing was just the beginning and it will start all over again.

I said earlier the book consumed me. It did that not only while reading but also after. I finished reading it the night before. I spent almost whole night trying to come up with the right teaser graphics, but things just didn’t work – too light, too cheery, too far from the feel, too disconnected, too this, too that. I was getting really frustrated (to the point I would go out and chop woods if I have any – you’ll understand this if you’ve read the book!) so I gave up.

The next morning I woke up at 5am and can’t go back to sleep because I kept thinking about Nocte. So I gave up sleep and worked on the graphics. Finally I had something with the right feel of how I interpret the book. But I still couldn’t sleep so 4 hours later, this review was born.

Note to Courtney Cole: I blame you for my misery and insomnia. I think I’m developing obsession with Latin too. I need help. Save me.

This review is also available on Goodreads.



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