Review: Determined To Obey by C. J. Roberts


Title: Determined To Obey
Author: C. J. Roberts
Genre: Dark Erotica
Type: Book 3.5 (novella) of Dark Duet series
POV: Third Person – Multiple



Note: This book contains graphic sexuality of M/M/F, thus this review contains quotes with vulgar words. Do not read the book or this review if you are easily offended by such contents.


Since reading Seduced In The Dark, I have always like Kid because he was one of the good “bad guy” and I have always been intrigued by Filipe and Celia’s story. This novella took place during the time Caleb and Kitten were living with Filipe in Mexico. Kid was taken as a hostage as a slave to Filipe and his slave Celia. The story was of his journey of acceptance as one.



I have read plenty of erotica but only read maybe about five books that contained M/M/F story. Strangely enough, even though I am not into such stories, this book was exceptionally hot!


He fights back tears as Felipe compliments his ‘shy, pink hole’ and ‘virgin pussy’.


I don’t think I’ve blushed and giggled like a virginal school girl so much before. It made me feel dirty yet still want more!



Kid was young and lost so he reveled in Filipe’s and Celia’s attention even though he was scared and uncomfortable of the strange feelings he had. I like how he became friends with Celia and how she opened up to him where we got to learn a little bit about her past.


 “He saved my father and me for last. I thought he would simply kill us. Instead, he asked how I would like my father murdered. I thought it was so romantic; I suppose I still do.”


Overall, I like the book. Like I mentioned earlier it was scorching hot, but I wanted more. I was hoping we get to learn more of what happened to them after they went away. Filipe and Celia had an “issue” with their sex life, and it was not resolved. I do like open ended endings, but I like it have more conclusion that that.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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