Review: MVP by M. Robinson


Title: MVP
Author: M. Robinson
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Book 3 of VIP trilogy
POV: First Person – Multiple

After two years of being apart, Sebastian found Ysabelle making a life of her own on an island with a successful bar to occupy her time. Both of them had overcome changes in their respective lives and decided it was time to give their love a second chance. They rebuilt their relationship slowly and safely.

But over time, Sebastian wanted more while Ysa wanted less while they had been omitting the truths from each other. Both of them has their own issues to overcome and forced to learn in finding a middle ground for their relationship to work.

MVP started off with a bang. After I finished the first chapter, I was so angry about what happened. Chapter 2 started with the flashback what happened a year earlier that led to the situation. It was good way to get reader’s attention and it made me want to know more.

When I first read VIP, I absolutely love Ysa. She was so strong despite what happened to her in her past. I admire her tenacity and never once that I questioned her decision with the path she took in her life.




In this book, Ysa was a different person. She was burdened with self doubt and it was putting her relationship on the line.


“What are you so scared of? The Ysabelle I know looks at fear and laughs in its face, and then she goes back and gives it blue balls.”


I missed the old Ysa, and there were points where I wanted to throw a pineapple to her head! Sebastian  sacrificed so much for her but she always wonder if she was enough, if she was second choice.

I’ve love Sebastian since VIP, even with the choices he made then. He redeemed himself now and that made me love him even more. I know this sounds so wrong, but sometimes Iwished I was a VIP just so I could find someone like Sebastian haha!

I love how we get Julia and Christian in this book and how they fit in Sebastian and Ysa’s life. I also love with what happened between Madam and Mika and how she got what she deserved. I’m not only dying to know what’s going to happen to them but also how Brooke handled her new role – a potential  expansion/spin-off of this series (if it’s not already in the works).

With all that said, I have a few problems with this book. It has a lot of angst which is something I love, but Ysa’s self doubt went on too long. The first 80% of the book was basically about her doubting Sebastian’s love for her over and over again.

And when there were new potential issues came up, it was resolved too quickly (within a few pages). I believe the plot could be richer if the issues were played up more. For example the Christian issue (hot tub scene) and the Devon issue (mistake scene).

There were several repeated scenes when the POV switched. Even though it’s just a few paragraphs, I think it’s unnecessary because we didn’t actually learn anything new from it. If it was included to provide better transition between POVs, just the final dialogue would be sufficient.

There were also several facts that didn’t add up/overlooked. As far as I know (I tried scanned a few chapters quickly to make sure) Ysa never mentioned to Sebastian about who Madam really was to her and it’s a major information. They also talked about worst memory of their childhood. Later in the book it was worst memory of his life.  It’s tiny details but details made a book.

The biggest issue I have with this book is there wasn’t any big new revelation. As a reader, I already knew what Madam’s big secret was from the previous book, so that was only a surprise to Ysa. Ysa did kept a secret from Sebastian but that was all towards the end of the book.

VIP is in my top two of raw/gritty book because the story was so richly told, and The Madam didn’t disappoint either with its own multi layer storyline. Because of that, it pains me to say that with MVP even though I like it, I still expected more.


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